Mission: Birthday Cake


So Eve has turned one (!) and in our family a birthday often means celebrating it several times over with different family members. Which defiantly has it’s perks – several days of being the centre of attention, lots of people to see and catch up with and often lovely food being cooked for you and of course presents! So, we had two weekends of celebrating Eve’s birthday. Firstly, with my dad and step-mum who had us over for the day where we did indeed eat lovely food! (A sea-food Jambalaya, which I am getting the recipe for, beacuse it was very tasty!). Then on to John’s mum the following day where we too had a lovely pasta dich with fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. This weekend we had a birthday tea at my mums where, aunties, uncles, great-aunts, cousins and great-grandparents came. For this, I made cake. I say it in this way because I gave my self a little bit of a task to fulfill…

My dilemma with first birthday cakes, is that I don’t want there to be sugar in it. It seems mad to me to have brought up our little girl on hardly any sugar, maybe some in the yogurt but that’s about it. And then just suddenly give her a load of it. I did the same for Isla’s first birthday too. To make matters a little more interesting, we also have egg-allergies in our family. So I try to make an egg-less cake that everyone can enjoy. Further to this, Eve is also nut-intolerant for the time being, we’re not 100% sure, but best not to test that theory on her first birthday!

So here’s the test, to find a sugar-free, nut-free, egg-less good tasting cake… I also thought I would look down the paleo route as it’s renowned for it’s health benefits. I have step siblings – that are cross-fitters and into their ‘clean eating’ paleo lifestyles. It took me ages, as a lot of paleo desserts use nut flours and eggs, but eventually I found this recipe online, that ticked all the boxes and I could get hold of the ingredients too.


All ingredients ready for mixing.

I also substituted baby puree packs for the bananas and apple sauce. I doubled up the ingredients to make a bigger cake rather than cupcakes, as the recipe suggests and therefore it needed longer baking time – I’m not sure what this was in the end – possibly 30 mins.


Ready for baking – although you don’t actually have to cook it.

It came out a little wet in the middle, so I cut in half and put them back in to firm up a little more. But the results were good! I’d defiantly make it again and enjoy it again!

The main problem I find when trying to make something as close as it can be to something but without using the right/normal ingredients, is that it can never really taste like you have it in your head. So I think it’s better to just call them different things. So, whilst I’d called this a cake, I think it was better suited to being called a desert. Then people are less expectant about what it’s going to taste and be like.

I also made Paleo icing. Which was fantastic, I could see myself using this again and again!


A little messy – but you get the idea!

I used this recipe, and although it was sugarless it still tasted pretty sweet. I think I would look to use a little less honey next time. I also used butter instead of Palm Shortening.

Anyway, the cake was enjoyed and respected for being all that it was. And Eve and Isla enjoy it. In fact, Isla asked for more so it clearly passed the taste test for them!


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